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Vaters Motorsports is a professional monster truck race team based out of Hagerstown, MD. It features three monster trucks (Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education) and two jet quads (Psycho and Kamikaze). Vaters Motorsports has been in constant operation since 1981, running all over the United States of America, Canada, and Mexico for numerous different top name monster truck promoters, such as Monster Jam, Monster Spectacular, Monster Showdown, and many others. Vaters Motorsports also does monster truck events with our own series, Vaters Monster Motorsports


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Michael Vaters


•Founder/Co-Owner/President of Vaters Motorsports

•Founder/Co-Owner/President/Event Manager of Vaters Monster Motorsports

•Co-Owner of Safety-Kleen Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, Higher Education, Psycho the Jet Quad, Kamikaze the Jet Quad 

•Driver of Safety-Kleen Black Stallion 

•Driver of the Kamikaze jet quad

Matt Cody


•Driver of Iron Warrior

•Driver of the Psycho jet quad

JR Seasock


•Driver of Higher Education

Vaters Motorsports is the home stable to the Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education monster trucks!


It is also the home of the Psycho and Kamikaze jet-powered ATVs!


We also have our own series called Vaters Monster Motorsports that runs monster truck events all over the country!

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