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Promoter of the Year
2010, 2011, 2012 

Matt Cody and Michael Vaters

"Each year, the membership chooses the promoter member that they feel put on the best quality events, excelled in the area of event safety and who best supported the MTRA. As the only promoter to require MTRA membership from teams running their events and for operating a series that featured great shows all year with some of the top trucks in the industry, we congratulate Vaters Monster Motorsports on a very well deserved win." - The Monster Blog

Our connections and associations in the industry give us the ability to provide a highly competitive and reliable field of monster trucks for your event. Vaters Monster Motorsports will provide a field of 1 or up to 12 monster trucks. The typical racing competition is performed side-by-side over piles of crush cars in a straight line drag race, or Chicago style over two sets of crush cars in which requires three total hits and two left turns. A timed qualifying session will take place to decide running order for the monster trucks in the racing bracket. Standard bracketed racing will take place to determine who the champion of the night is in racing. Finally, each monster truck will come full force out onto the track and perform individual freestyle runs to see which driver can get the craziest over the obstacles provided. The freestyle competition is the highlight of a full evening’s entertainment, and is the fans' favorite competition of the event. We provide top quality competition based events as well as entertaining exhibition events. Our events may also include the wheelie contest, which is where each monster truck and driver comes out one at a time and makes two hits on the racing lane car stacks and the driver attempts to stand their monster truck as vertical as possible in a text book wheelie. The best wheelies receive the win!

Let us work to design a custom event that will give you a high energy, memorable, and monstrous event. Allow Vaters Monster Motorsports to bring the monsters to your venue. These 12 feet tall, 10,000 pound behemoths draw crowds with their thunderous, roaring engines and stellar graphics and colors. By working with us, you are sure to fill the seats with fans of the fastest growing motorsports events out there. Monster trucks are rated only third to NASCAR and NHRA as one of the most popular motorsports event in the world. Let us, one of the most accolated monster truck promotion companies in the world, fill your grandstands with thousands of fans and make memories that will last a lifetime!

Vaters Monster Motorsports also has in house “Psycho” and "Kamikaze" - the world’s fastest jet powered 4-wheelers! Their powerful jet engines strike awe into the crowd with 1500 horsepower of thrust and burner pops. The jet engine shoots out flames over 25 feet as it speeds by your spectators. We can do a vehicle burn as the powerful flames destroy a junk car or van. The jet 4-wheelers can be booked individually or together in our one of a kind "jet show" with twice the power, flames, and destruction!

Our professionally operated monster truck events can be integrated into programs you currently operate or we can produce a stand-alone monster truck event. Monster truck competition or exhibition events can be combined with your events such as family fun nights, nights of destruction, truck & tractor pulls or with regularly scheduled racing. The blending of these events will give your spectators a night to truly remember, and they will want to come back for more!

Monstrous Thrills For Your Spectators!

Take advantage of this opportunity for an all-inclusive custom monster truck event! We take care of it all!

    ★    Sub-contracted performers 

    ★    Format and produce event

    ★    Provide professional track staff

    ★    Set up and tear down of the track

    ★    Co-promote event including displays or car                                   crushes

    ★    Professional, high-energy, and knowledgeable announcer

    ★    Event insurance

    ★    Monster ride truck to give rides to the fans before and                   after the event

All for a simple fee that is based upon your venue's customized event as the type and variety of exhibitors required vary! Dates are being booked now, so act now to assure you don’t miss this opportunity to get Vaters Monster Motorsports into your venue!

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Office Phone Number:  1-(301)-582-1345

Mobile Phone Number: 1-(301)-991-1791

Email:  vatersmonster@aol.com


17137 Black Stallion Lane

Hagerstown, Maryland 21740

Vaters Motorsports is the home stable to the Black Stallion, Iron WarriorHigher Education, and Overkill Evolution monster trucks!


It is also the home of the Psycho and Kamikaze jet-powered ATVs!


We also have our own series that runs monster truck events all over the country!

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