Not only does Vaters Motorsports feature 3 of the baddest monster trucks around, but we also house something a little more "fiery" - 2 jet-powered ATVs!


Aptly named Psycho and Kamikaze, these two behemoths are nothing short of spectacular! Producing thousands of pounds of thrust and spitting flames 25 feet in length, Psycho and Kamikaze are a thrill for the operators and the fans alike! 


Whether it's just 1 of the 2 jet quads at an event or both, this fiery event finale is sure to be one that will turn heads! When these beasts fire up (literally), you can feel the heat coming from the flames, and you can see the pure heat melt a junk vehicle down to nothing! It's a rare sight to see, and Psycho and Kamikaze can fire it up and turn a junker into a bonfire in a matter of seconds!


Find out how you can book Psycho and Kamikaze here!

Vaters Motorsports is the home stable to the Black Stallion, Iron Warrior, and Higher Education monster trucks!


It is also the home of the Psycho and Kamikaze jet-powered ATVs!


We also have our own series called Vaters Monster Motorsports that runs monster truck events all over the country!

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